Traveling To Japan? – This The Only Travel Guide You Will Need

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For the first time in Japan, many visitors will be surprised to learn that this relatively small Asian country is one of the most advanced industrialized countries in the world. It also has a rich and fascinating history that goes back thousands of years. Japan is a heaven for travelers who want to experience the best of nature and the urban culture at the same time. Traveling to Japan is certainly a wonderful investment of both time and money. So, if you are planning for a trip to Japan this year, then you are up for a huge surprise. Let’s find out some of the best things you can experience in Japan and how you can plan them properly.

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Top Things You Can Experience in Japan

Here is a list of all the top things you need to explore and experience when you’re in Japan –

Street Food Tour

Japan is very famous for its street food because it is unique and delicious. There are several items in the local cuisine. Those are not available in any part of the world. In this food tour, you’ll be visiting a place called Shibuya. Visit the hidden gems of this neighborhood. Then hog into the wonderful food items that are served here. Explore the parks and back alleys. Do that to experience the rich culture and history of this town. Takoyaki and okonomiyaki are some of the most famous food items to try when you are on this Japanese street food tour.

Sake Town Tour

There are several Japanese cities which you can visit and explore the roots of Japanese culture. The Japan Sake Town Tour is a great opportunity to explore this beautiful city which was devastated during World War II. But it has been restored now and offers a great time to the tourists who visit here. If you are very excited to try out the famous Japanese spirit called Sake, then this is the ideal place for you. Visit the local breweries & enjoy tasting different kinds of sake. Discover how the people use shikomi mizu to make a delicious spirit.

Shinbashi Food Tour at Night

One of the things that Japan is famous for is its happening nightlife. Walk in the back streets of this neighbourhood and try out the traditional Japanese dishes like taiyaki. You’ll be visiting at least 4 different food shops where you will be able to eat expertly grilled Robatayaki. Order some sake to go along with it. Enjoy the Japanese nightlife and your food for a wonderful experience. The Shinbashi Food Tour will surely give you an insight into Japanese cuisine.

Kyoto Evening Gion Food Tour

A very premium and intensive way to get familiar with Japanese culture is by heading for the Gion Food Tour. Learn the history and current practices that are made in the Maiko and Geiko culture of Kyoto. You will also be able to experience the Kaiseki course meal that includes seasonal and regional food items that are most popular. In this food tour, you can explore the lanes of Kyoto and enjoy this beautiful Japanese city in its truest form. Your guide will tell you everything about this culture and history behind it.

Cherry Blossom Experience

Cherry blossoms are very famous in Japan and often travelers are excited to experience this fast and when they visit which country. So, this cherry blossom tour will be a great way to witness a natural wonder that cannot be seen in any other part of the world. You’ll be walking for a few hours in the Nakameguro neighborhood which is famous for its cherry blossoms. Make a stop at the Udon-Izakaya, a popular Japanese pub that serves great sake and grilled food. Your guide will also share all the stories and legends associated with this place.

Kawaii Harajuku Tour

There are an endless number of things you can do in Japan and the Kawaii Harajuku Food Tour is definitely one of them. The Harajuku district of Japan is the hub of youth in Japan which delivers a very positive and lively vibe to the tourists. Visit the numerous antenna shops and try out the different flavor foods that are available here. You can experience the famous Japanese pop culture here in the best possible manner. Once you visit here, you’ll understand why this is called the hotbed of youth culture, pop art and fashion in Japan. All the local designers, artists, chefs and fashionistas confluence here.

So, here are the top things to do and experience when you are in Japan. Now, let’s check out some online experiences handpicked specially for those who want to taste Japanese culture.

Best Online Experiences in Japan

Here is a list of the top online experiences Japan which you can definitely be a part of –

  • Cocktail Connections – this is a one to two hour online cocktail making session in which you will be getting a first hand experience of how Japanese people make their cocktail. A very fun and positive experience for everyone, you can share and learn more about the different cocktail recipes popular here.
  • Shibuya and Shinjuku – if you are eager to learn about the history of Shibuya and Shinjuku, then this online experience can be a great way to do so. You will get to know about these two neighborhoods through images, stories and various other materials. You will also come to know about the legendary stories and other experiences to get a first hand idea of the neighborhoods.
  • Discover Mt. Fuji – Fuji is an iconic landscape in Japan and people are always curious to know more about it. It represents faith and admiration. In this online experience you will come across different stories and myths about this mountain. You’ll discover the true essence of Japanese culture and the importance of Mt. Fuji in this one hour virtual experience.

So, here are the top things you can do in Japan or experience virtually if you really feel the interest to learn about Japanese culture. Let us know which of these top things to do in Japan has intrigued you the most.

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