Travel To Switzerland and Live The Best Moments of Your Life!

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Nothing beats the aura of Switzerland, where its mountain landscapes and charming villages seems have come alive from a picture book. High snow-capped alpine peaks, sparkling blue lakes, emerald green valleys, glaciers and stunning lakeside towns add incredible beauty to this landless land. Surrounded by valleys and lakes, it is one of a kind world-class destination offering a variety of activities including hiking, biking, paragliding, & skiing.

Famous cities like Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne are located in this beautiful country. So, if you want to plan a holiday to Switzerland with your family, then this blog will definitely help you. Let’s find out the top activities you can do and destinations you can visit when you are in Switzerland in 2021.

BEST TIME TO VISIT Switzerland - For good weather, skiing, sight-seeing

Best Adventure Sports To Do in Switzerland

Here are some of the best adventure sport that you can do when you are in Switzerland –

Skydiving – Swiss Skydiving is one of the top activities you can do in Switzerland. You’ll take off from the Kundral Reichenbach Airport. Before you head out for the jump, the paratroopers will explain the exact jump sequence and inform you about the safety rules. The instructor will hand out your equipment one by one and then you’ll board the plane. During your trip, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the spectacular views of gorgeous peaks and the Oberland Glacier. Get ready to jump 4,000 meters above sea level once the airplane reaches the correct height.

Get off the plane with a paratrooper and experience the beautiful backdrop of the Swiss Alps. During freefall, the wind rips the knot and whistles around the ears as it rushes across the ground. It takes less than 45 seconds for the parachute to open in freefall, and then you will slowly descend to the ground. This exhilarating experience will remain with you forever.

Paragliding – if you are too afraid of going for a skydiving trip, then paragliding seems to be the best option for you. When you are in Interlaken, you will constantly see a whole lot of parachutes in the air with people gliding in them. This town is famous for its paragliding trips and now it is your time to go for it. You will have to take your bus from Interlaken to the Beatenberg Amisbühl. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the peak and start preparing for the session. After you reach the peak, you can see the whole of Interlaken.

Enjoy the wonderful and scenic view of the surrounding peaks as well. Once the kit is ready, both you and your instructor will have to run down the slope and in the next few seconds you’ll be up in the air. Don’t forget to carry an action camera to click pictures of you paragliding.

Funky Chocolate Flight – once you get down from your tiring paragliding session, why don’t you try your hands on creating chocolates? Yes! Swiss chocolate is famous all over the world, right? You must have always thought of tasting this unique delicacy. But, how great it would be if you can make it yourself? The Funky Chocolate Flight in Interlaken allows the tourists to come together and create good quality chocolates with their own hands. You will be guided by an instructor and within an hour, you’ll be able to make the best chocolate. Not only you are allowed to take the chocolate back home, you will also be handed a nice certificate as well since you attended this workshop. How cool is that? Make sure to check out the timings and other details for it.

Hanggliding – hanggliding is another very popular and interesting activities you can take part in. People visit to Interlaken to hangglide and enjoy a wonderful time up in the skies. This is definitely worth your time and you will be absolutely delighted once the trip ends. From the sky you will be able to witness the dramatic Interlaken landscape and treat your eyes with a beautiful sunset. Carry an action camera to shoot videos and click pictures of yourself flying in the sky. Share them on your social media platform and let everyone know how much fun you had. There are several tour operators offering such services here and you just need to apply for the sport with any one of them. Hanggliding is also a cheaper option when compared to skydiving and that is why a lot of people prefer to go for this sport.

Top Destinations To Visit in Switzerland

Now that we have discussed the top activities you can do in Switzerland, let’s take a look at the famous destinations to visit –

  • Bern was not part of Switzerland until the 16th century. It is a beautiful medieval town with a history dating back to the 12th century. Although not the largest city in Switzerland, the capital is Bern. The most famous monument is the Zytglogge, an ancient bell tower with moving dolls. Other popular attractions include Münsterner, a gothic cathedral towering over the old town, and the Bern Town Hall.
  • Lucerne, located in German-speaking Switzerland, is a city with everything from city life to lakes and mountains. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Lucerne is famous for its 14th-century blue bridges and towers.  This is why it’s considered a spectacular city in Switzerland. Another famous monument is the Dying Lion, excavated in honor of a Swiss mercenary who died in France in 1792.
  • Close to the Matterhorn Peak, one of Switzerland’s highest mountains, Zermatt is a small destination for skiing and mountaineering. Cable cars take skiers to the surrounding mountains in winter and hikers in summer. Zermatt is a great city to visit from several places. As petrol vehicles are not allowed here, all vehicles in the city are battery-powered. Fortunately, it takes less than 30 minutes to walk between the sites. The city is accessible via a magnificent railroad that connects you to the outside world.
  • The Jungfrau region is one of Switzerland’s top hiking destinations in both summer and winter. A century or two ago, this mountainous area was reserved only for passionate adventurers.  This is ideal for those wanted to ski or climb rugged mountains. Thanks to an extensive rail network and convenient hiking and biking trails, the area is now accessible to many travelers. Grindelwald, Murren, Lauterbrunnen, and Wengen are four beautiful cities that can be found in this region.
  • Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Europe. The geography is diverse. With the Jura in the north, the highlands in the center, and the Alps in the southwest. The main attractions here are the beautiful villages and villages around the lake. Also the possibility of skiing and hiking in all the mountains and, of course, the lake itself. The blue turquoise waters and the cool breeze around the region will definitely give peace to your mind.

So, here is a complete guide of all the top things you should do in Switzerland and the most popular places you should visit. Let us know which activity intrigues you the most and which destination you are excited to travel to.

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