Top-rated Things To Do In Russia in 2021

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Russia is the largest country in the world and as a tourist, you will find almost everything to explore once you are here – mountains, frozen regions, valleys, warm beaches, and a whole lot of exquisite Russian cities. Each of them delivers an experience of their own and you will be mesmerized to see the incredible number of magnificent Russian natural wonders. Some of the oldest cities here like Moscow and St. Petersburg offer a splendid experience as well. Whether you want to explore the beauty of the freezing tundra regions, Northern Lights or enjoy the exotic nightlife, you can live to the fullest once you are in this country. Let’s find out some of the best things you can do here.

Moscow Walking Tour in Russia

the capital of Russia, Moscow is a terrific place to spend a few days or an entire week. Going for a Moscow Walking Tour, you’ll be able to explore the city in its truest form. However, your professional guide will take you to the most popular places in the city and also let you know about all the amazing facts and legends revolving around it. The tour will cover famous attractions like the St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, Red Square, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and other heritage sites. You’ll get the opportunity to walk through the historical lanes of Moscow and eat some delicious snacks in the cafes that are lined up here. The walking tour is perfect for those travelers who are coming to Moscow for the first time. To book a walking tour, you can visit Sonema Host right now.

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Petersburg Walking Tour

Another really great activity that is quite popular with travelers is the Petersburg walking tour. With a professional guide accompanying you at all times, you can derive all the information that you need about the cultural sites. They will let you know the fascinating stories about the city and you will be awestruck to hear them. This tour is best suited for those who are traveling alone or with their family. You can spend the entire day exploring and clicking some amazing photographs of this ancient city. Some of the popular attractions that you will come across include the State Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, and Palace Square. This charming Russian city will definitely make you fall in love with Russian culture. If you are planning to book a walking tour, visit Sonema Host right now.

Russian Matryoshka Workshop

Have you heard about the famous Russian Matryoshka art? It is the art of making beautiful wooden dolls of decreasing size. Hence, you can place them inside each other. This is a folk craft that tourists are very fascinated about when they travel to Russia. Going for a Russian Matryoshka Workshop is one of the best things you can do when you are here. You will get color paints and painting brushes to showcase your creativity in these dolls. It is a very fun thing to do, especially if you love all sorts of art forms. These workshops usually last for 2 – 3 hours and you need to pay a small fee to be able to participate in the activity. To learn more about the workshop, you can visit Sonema Host and book your slot.

Nizhny Novgorod Tour

Few places in the world can make you feel really spooky and mesmerized at the same time. The Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod is definitely one of them. Situated at the meeting point of Oka and the Volga rivers, this city is packed with several historical sites and heritage points. In addition to here, you can learn a lot about Russian folklore and history. Enjoy an exotic nightlife at the Rozhdestvenskaya Street, climb the Chkalov Stairs, and visit the Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod to take a closer look at Russian architectural wonders. Moreover, there are ample things you can do when you book a Nizhny Novgorod walking tour and you will find it difficult to cover them all in a single day.

Vladivostok Tour

Previously there was a prohibition to enter the city of Vladivostok during the USSR era. But now it’s open to the public. You can visit Vladivostok and enjoy a couple of days to explore this wonderful Russian Port city. To get the best experience, you can book a Vladivostok Russia walking tour and learn more about the city in a short time. Some of the popular attractions here include Primorsky Aquarium, Vladivostok Fortress, Popov Island, and the famous Vladivostok Train Station. Perfect for new travelers in Russia, a trip to Vladivostok will definitely make you happy. To get amazing offers on your tour, visit Sonema Host and book a slot.

Polar Ural Mountains & Yamal Tundra

When you are traveling to Russia, you cannot miss the experience of visiting the Polar Urals. Yes! Russia has a diverse landscape and the Ural Mountains are a prominent part of it. The tour of the city of Vorkuta and Salekhard in the Yanal region will definitely send chills down your spine. Not only because of its view but of the cold temperatures also. You can check out the nomad life of the Nenets, Khanty, and Komi tribes. Try out their local cuisine and how their culture has evolved in this freezing part of Russia. Don’t forget to witness the gorgeous Northern Lights at night. It will truly be an awe-inspiring experience if you go for the Russian tundra tour this year.

Final Words

Traveling to Russia is a Wholesome experience for every tourist who visits this country. There is an endless number of things you can do and attractions you can visit. In this blog we have mentioned the best things to do in Russia and how you can plan your trip. Make sure to check out this website Sonema Host to get the best deals on Russian vacation rentals. Let us know which is your favorite thing to do from the list that we have created for you!

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