The best ghosts and mysteries tours in Europe

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The best ghost and mysteries tours in Europe

In the collective imagination, Europe has always been home to ghosts, haunted castles, and disturbing experiences.

If the spooky and mysterious side of Europe fascinates you and if you are looking for inspiration for an unusual trip, you can decide to visit one of these places that we propose.

We begin our journey in probably the most haunted place in Europe: Scotland 


dunnottar castle scotland


Here are many haunted castles as well as palaces and historic houses, in which you can recall chilling tales about witchcraft and the supernatural,

ghosts and demons, torture and murder. After visiting the “Pollok House” among the many castles to visit we suggest Brodick Castle, where several ghosts such as The Gray Lady and White Stag have been spotted.

There appears to be a point in the castle where pets stop and refuse to cross. There is a ghostly tree and you can also see the gates where the victims of the plague are buried. And Dunnottar Castle:

 a castle that is inhabited by many ghosts and which has been the backdrop to several dramatic events in Scottish history.


Bus Tour or The Ghost in Edinburgh


After a tour of the many castles and haunted places, we suggest the Bus Tour or “The Ghost” in Edinburgh: it is an evening tour aboard a haunted minibus.

On this vintage double-decker minivan, you can see mysterious places like Greyfriars Kirk, Grassmarket Edinburgh Castle, and the Royal Mile.

As you ride the coach, you will hear anecdotes and facts about Edinburgh’s chilling past – a past filled with gory executions, torture, and murders.


Another must for this kind of tour is undoubtedly Prague: immerse yourself in the dark shadows of the old city,

discovering the mysteries and secrets with Mysterium Tours, the staff in gothic clothing and with great narrative skills will be your storyteller in this adventure.

Take part in “The dark shadow of the old town”, “Ghosts,” Legends & Dungeon Tour “or” Golem’s Prague: Virtual reality and Walking Tour “.


The dark shadow of the old town


Discover the most fascinating legends and tales, walk through the narrow and dark streets and listen to to Prague’s countless number of ghosts, spirits, and restless souls.

Our fun guide will scare you with stories full of murders, executions, curses and show you some of the haunted places where ghosts still cling to ancient sites.

Here, in the dark corridors where unstable spirits still haunt the present day, you can easily imagine face to face with the Headless Templar,

the Beggar Skeleton, the One-armed Thief, the Drowned Waitress, or even the legendary Golem!


In Hungary with “Bloody Tales from within the Castle Walls in Budapest (Kings, vampires, and Killers)” away from the hustle and bustle of Pest,

this vampire tour takes you to the most fascinating, magical, and intimate places in the city of Budapest, such as the Buda Castle district,

where you will be amazed by the wonderful night view from the top of the hill to the “Pearl of the Danube”.

legends and traditions, as well as cases of vampirism in ancient Hungary, which gave birth to myths that lie between fantasy and chilling truth during the darkest periods of Eastern European history.


DSC 5964 web



If you are in Madrid you can book “The Specters of the Spanish Inquisition“.

On this evening tour, a lantern will guide you through the alleys and squares of the “Madrid of the Habsburgs”, passing churches, monasteries and places where they once stood prisons and gallows.

As you explore the city’s most infamous corners, you will learn grisly historical facts, hear legends and chilling ghost stories, told by the voice of an elegant storyteller,

who will also share the most intimate, atrocious and untold aspects of the Spanish Inquisition, that Sacred Tribunal who many times it led to knocking on the door with the favor of darkness.


In your itinerary you cannot miss Transylvania which with Dracula’s castle has always attracted onlookers from all over the world.

Located in Romania, a few kilometers from Brasov, Bran Castle stands on the ancient border between Transylvania and Wallachia.

The Castle  which is in a gothic and  medieval  style  has often been identified as Dracula’s castle which inspired Bram Stoker’s famous gothic novel.

According to the legend that sees the castle as the home of Count Vlad III of Wallachia, known as “The Impaler”, the character from which that of the most famous vampire in the world originates.

In this regard, don’t miss “The best of Bran walking tour“.


22The best of Bran walking tour


Could not miss Paris among the thrill cities, where you can enjoy a “Tour of the Paris Catacombs“.

With Opatrip you can visit this city from another perspective. Each city has more than 1 face.

We all know beautiful places, monuments and famous buildings. But there is a secret side. You are ready to immerse yourself in the dark secrets of Paris.


Stroll through the cobbled streets and alleys in the shadow of the night You can also have a similar experience in Rome

with a night tour in medieval Rome among hidden stories and ghosts.


In Germany, a sinister and disturbing place is the old Beelitz sanatorium an abandoned former military hospital near Berlin,
there are many terrifying legends linked to this dismal hospital where atrocious crimes

were committed by some serial killers and in particular linked to the old operating room


beelitz chirurgie


There are several accounts of paranormal activity that speak of strange noises, screams, sobbing and crying and footsteps

in empty rooms as well as a sudden drop in temperature.

Last but not least is London. The London Underground is particularly famous around the world.

Around London stations, its trains and its tracks there are several legends that are told and

which have supernatural stories and terrifying ghosts as their object.

Tour of the Paris Catacombs Paris


Last but not least is London. The London Underground is particularly famous around the world.

Around its stations and  its trains there are several legends  that are told and which have supernatural stories and terrifying ghosts as their object.

These rumors attract many curious tourists and thrill-seekers:

the London Underground is made up of over 350 stations, many of which are the destination of tours

that hunt for mysteries.In addition, the London Underground is the oldest underground line in the world.

For example, the “Bank Station” is haunted by a ghost known as “Black Nun”.

It is the ghost of a nun, the sister of a bank employee who was executed.



fantasmi della metropolitana londra


In the abandoned “British Museum Station” station is certainly find the most famous ghost of the London Underground.

the Egyptian god Amon-Ra wanders here wearing his pharaoh costume …

Two women appear to have disappeared near the nearby Holborn stop after the station closed,

and many witnesses say they heard frightening moans at the time of their disappearance.

It is said that there would be a tunnel connecting the British Museum to Holborn station,

which Amun-Ra would use for  to leave the museum rooms.

We also suggest the “Jack the Ripper’s East End Tour”: a  walking tour that will allow you to follow

in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper and his unfortunate victims in London’s East End.

Discover the places of his murders and learn about the mysteries of these unsolved serial crimes.

These tours are another opportunity to visit the most beautiful places in Europe

and be able to see and rediscover them from another point of view.

On Sonema you can book your flight to one of these fantastic destinations and unforgettable tours

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