Most affordable beach holidays in Europe

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Most affordable beach holidays in Europe you can’t miss!

Little money and a great desire for the sea? We help you! Today our travel expert suggests you the seaside destinations that cost less, together with other useful tips for organizing a nice summer vacation,

which makes you spend the least possible. We are thinking above all of young holidays, but these are tips that can also be suitable for families and couples.

A few kilometers from Italy, on the other side of the Adriatic,  there are wonderful coasts and beaches bathed by crystal clear water.

It starts from Istria, arriving in Dalmatia for a dip in the shades of the sea of ​​Pasjača Beach, before entering Montenegro, descending along the coast to Albania and, finally, arriving in Greece.

The prices of these countries are still very cheap and competitive compared to Italy and for this reason you can also spend two weeks of pure relaxation without having to spend a fortune.

1. Kotor  Montenegro





The first of the 3 summer destinations we are talking about is Kotor, a small jewel of Montenegro.

The city is set in an inlet within the Boka Kotorska, a real fjord, the only one in the Mediterranean!

Montenegro retains some wonderful landscapes and, although some truly horrifying hotel complexes are starting to spring up along the coast, its nature is capable of leaving anyone breathless.

Kotor and its surroundings are one of the best places to truly enjoy the beauty of this country!

The city is not very large and its historic center is enclosed within beautiful Venetian walls. Kotor, in fact, remained for centuries under the dominion of the Serenissima.

What to see around Kotor


Just move a few kilometers to meet beautiful beaches and our advice is to turn those of the Lustica Peninsula. Which are the most beautiful?

1. Zanjice Beach: pebbles and crystal clear water;

2. Mirišta Beach: small and suitable for families;

3. Plavi Horizonti: sand and perfect for snorkelers.

If the sea bores you after a while, there are beautiful places to discover around Kotor.

Between the  most affordable beach holidays in Europe we recommend four :


1. Perast: tiny and silent town. From here the boats leave for the island of San Giorgio and the island of Scalpello;

2. Herceg Novi: an ups and downs of stairways and breathtaking views;

3. Nieguši: a mountain town that can be reached via a panoramic road overlooking the Boka Kotorska;

4. Tivat: the new tourist marina of Montenegro

2. Durres

The second destination for the summer that we recommend is Durres, in Albania for sure the most affordable beach holidays in Europe!

The city itself has no particular attractions: busy and covered with a little too much concrete, at first glance it leaves you speechless. In reality,

by giving it time to discover itself, the city knows how to enter the heart of those who want to discover it.





What to do in Durres and surroundings

If you have decided to stay in Durres for sure you will not miss:

The Amphitheater and the adjoining Archaeological Museum;

The Fatih Mosque, the largest mosque in the city overlooking its main square, Sheshi Liria;The Castle, which is actually one of its remaining towers.

What we really recommend, however, is to take a tour of its magnificent market, at the end of Bulevardi Dyrrah:

it is an explosion of colors and scents,suggestions and emotions. For us it is absolutely one of the most beautiful covered markets in Europe!

Speaking of the sea, however, we advise you not to stop at the city beach, but to go out and reach the coves in its surroundings.

The best are beachs :

1. Plazhi i Gjeneralit: sand and pebbles and crystal clear water. The terrace in the middle of the sea is beautiful;
2. Plazhi Kallmit and Curilla: wonderful water just a few minutes from the center;
3. Plazhi Portez: here nature has created an incredible spectacle and the games of waves at the tip of the beach leaving you speechless;
4. Brooches: perfect for young people looking for relaxation or families;
5. San Pietro: in the bay of Lelez it is famous for being dotted with bunkers.
Albania is today one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays, thanks to the numerous Albanian seaside resorts and its beautiful beaches.
Among the places to go to the sea in Albania there is certainly Saranda, renowned for its nightlife, excellent restaurants and some of the most suggestive beaches in the Mediterranean,
including the paradisiacal Pulebardha Beach, Ksamil and the area of ​​the Three Islands, nearby of which there is also Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Another wonderful place for sea lovers is Vlora, located on the stretch of the Adriatic coast within the Llogaraja Pass National Park, ideal for snorkeling and excursions.
Velipoje is located in the vicinity of Lake Skadar, a very long beach with equipped establishments and services, while in the Vlora area on the southwestern coast of Albania is Himare,
with postcard beaches such as Livadhi, Potami and the splendid Prinos.

Those who want to book a beach holiday in Albania can also choose Lukove, located less than 20 km from Saranda, famous for its lively nightlife and crystal clear water,

otherwise you can move to Qeparo, an increasingly appreciated by European summer tourism.

Not least are Borsh, where the 18th century Castle stands out on a wonderful stretch of coast about 7 km long and Gjipe, with exclusive accommodation facilities and excellent services.

Another seaside resort is Dhermi, on the Adriatic coast, which is home to the exceptional beaches of Palase and Drimadhes.

What to eat in Albania: typical Albanian dishes

A holiday in Albania is a unique opportunity to taste traditional Albanian cuisine, experiencing the typical flavors of this land, not far from Mediterranean food and wine.
Absolutely try the Koran fish, grilled and served with accompanying vegetables, or the Meze, an appetizer consisting of various courses of cheeses, olives and sauces.
Always very popular is the Tave Dheu, a meat served with artisan bread and ricotta, to be eaten inside the classic terracotta container.
Other dishes of the Albanian culinary tradition are the Byrek, a savory pie of puff pastry with meat and vegetables very tasty, the Baklava,
a typical dessert quite common in all areas of Albania, the Kadaif, another dessert that shows the whole Turkish influence in Albanian food and wine and Dolma,
an unmissable dish in Tirana restaurants, made with a meat filling inside a coating of vine leaves.
In the smaller towns you can find two meat dishes, the Kukurec and the Qofte, always accompanied with potatoes and mixed vegetables.

Travel to Albania: useful tips before leaving

At the moment Albania is not part of the European Union, in fact an official candidacy was presented some time ago still under evaluation.
Therefore, the country has not adopted the Euro, but on the contrary uses the national currency, the Lek, whose value is 122 lek for each euro.
Exchange offices can be found in several places, however they charge quite expensive commissions, so it is better to withdraw cash at ATMs, or if possible pay by card,
but it is important to consider that the premises are not always equipped with POS.

Even if Albania is not part of the European Union, there is an international agreement, so it is possible to travel with an Italian identity card without problems,

otherwise you can use a passport.

Inside the country it is possible to drive with an Italian driving license, but you need an international insurance policy enabled for travel abroad.

Since this is still a non-EU state, our health card is not accepted, so to avoid risks it is advisable to take out travel insurance, activating a policy for medical expenses.

How much does a holiday in Albania cost: prices and information

One of the advantages of trips to Albania, which have made this tourist destination so popular, is the possibility of spending little by organizing a low cost holiday.
The prices are quite cheap, despite a progressive increase in rates due to the large number of tourists in recent years, who now flock to the beaches and seaside resorts of the country.
Of course, spending depends on your choices, in fact it is possible to book in luxury resorts and eat in renowned restaurants, increasing costs, or staying on less expensive facilities.
In summer, the rates are the highest of the year, so those who want to save must prefer the low season, May, June, September and October, avoiding July and August instead.
Some services such as car rental and transport cost the same as in Italy, while others are cheaper, including restaurant meals, club nights, and entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites.
The hotels offer similar costs to Italian hotels, at least as regards the high season, otherwise the prices drop significantly.

How to get to Albania: all travel options

The growing tourism has caused a significant increase in transport to this Balkan country, in fact, to get to Albania it is possible to choose from a wide range of different solutions.
The quickest and most comfortable way is obviously by plane, reaching the international airport of Tirana from the main Italian cities,
alternatively two other airports are available, one in the north near Kukes and the other in the south near Saranda.
Flights are operated by various airlines, including Alitalia, Albawings and Blue Panorama.
Another widely used means of transport is the ferry, to avoid renting a car once you arrive on site,
also savoring the pleasure of a cruise in the Mediterranean. The crossing to the Port of Durres lasts from 7 to 9 hours,
with connections made by shipowners such as GNV, Adria Ferries and Ventouris Ferries.
Finally, you can also go to Albania by car, facing a journey of at least 12 hours through Slovenia, Montenegro and Croatia.

When to go to Albania: the best times to travel

The climate of Albania is similar to the Italian one, therefore typically Mediterranean, characterized by harsh winters and hot and sultry summers.
The best time to travel is certainly summer, especially if you want to visit the seaside resorts of the coast, finding high temperatures from June to September.
If in addition to the beaches you want to organize a complete holiday, also including the mountainous areas and historic cities,
the most suitable seasons to go to Albania are spring and autumn, when mild temperatures and low rainfall can be encountered.

3. Syvota

Finally, here is the last destination for the summer that we recommend: Syvota, in Greece.
Here we have left a piece of our heart: Greece is always capable of bewitching souls!
Syvota has nothing to do with the imagination of Greece, it is not the Cyclades with their white houses, it is not Sifnos with the donkey that brings the farmer home every evening.
It is a small town of a few houses and a few hotels hidden among the greenery, with a tiny promenade surrounded by cafes. Syvota is sea: crystal clear sea that reflects the sun’s rays and makes you think of Paradise.
Yes, in front of the waters of this sea, we thought we had found the Earthly Paradise!

What to do in Syvota and surroundings


There are dozens of beaches and coves  between  the most affordable beach holidays in Europe , but  you can’t miss:
Aghià Paraskevì: the islet opposite offers a unique panorama;
Bella Vakra: the Earthly Paradise, there are no words to describe the beauty of this place;
Mega Ammos: equipped beach surrounded by traditional taverns;
Mega Trafos: cove where you will certainly leave your heart.
One of the things not to be missed if you decide to stay in Syvota is a tour between the islands by taxi boat to reach the beach of Piscina.

People come to Syvota mainly to go to the beach, you will have understood it,

but if you want to move a few kilometers we recommend you take a walk through the characteristic alleys of Parga:

a more worldly town, one of a kind.

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