Immersive Tour of Greece and Crete in 2021

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Whether it is sandy beaches, rich culture, breathtaking scenery, and delicious cuisines, Greece has it all. After months in confinement, you deserve a romantic get-way. If you’re itching for white sands, beaches, and stunning sunsets along the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful Greek islands will meet all your dreams. Crete is one of the most romantic islands in Greece. Your Greek tour itinerary won’t be complete without Crete’s white sandy beaches. 

Why Tour Greece and Crete?

Greece and Crete capture the essence of southern Europe, influenced by the Mediterranean sunny climate, cultural diversity, and beautiful scenery. This melting pot of cultures offers tons of indoor and outdoor activities. 

If you are a foodie, Crete offers you a unique opportunity to indulge and experience Greek cuisine. Nothing can beat the immersive experience of enjoying mouthwatering dishes with golden sunsets to keep you company on the shores of the Mediterranean. Crete’s authentic dishes and culture will take you on a food journey and leave you with tingling taste buds. 

In Pigi, you’ll enjoy Olive tasting under the shade of olive trees. You can partake in this unique food experience as you explore the heritage and art of olive trees across several centuries. Crete Island is the epitome of Greek food. Take the Greek Mezedes cooking class to wow your friends and family when you go back home. You can indulge in the best Greek wine and spirits as you cook. 

If you’re outdoorsy, Greece has tons of activities to quench your adventurous soul. In Crete, you can visit ancient sites, cycle around the orchards, and hit the sandy beaches to relax after an eventful day. Elafonisi Beach is a tourist paradise, famous for its pink powdery sand. Walking on this beach feels like a hot stone massage on your feet. You can do some off-track traveling on the cascading hills of Santorini and discover hidden gems like the Lesvos, Chios, Halki, and Lemnos. Being the largest Greek island, Crete has so much to offer adventurers and outdoorsy. From incredibly photo genetic beaches to enchanting local villages with a rich culture that goes back centuries. 

The past year was rough for everyone globally. To rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit, take advantage of traditional well-being therapy like the famous Bikram Yoga Holiday Experience in Zakynthos. This tourist experience delivers profound physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. It can dissolve and wash away all the tension, anxiety, worry, and frustration you built up in the tumultuous months of 2020. 

Humans are social beings and crave meaningful interactions. After being secluded for months, you should visit the atmospheric Chania Harbor. Its rich history, diversity, and local charm can wash away the misery of seclusion. The city’s architecture and narrow streets also offer picture-perfect backgrounds. You can take beautiful photos for social media or screen savers for your phone or laptop. 

Greece and Crete Travel Tips?

To make the most out of your tour of Greece and Crete, you’ll need the best and budget-friendly accommodation and transportation. Luckily, Crete is one of the most affordable and popular tourist destinations in Europe. Just like you, millions of tourists, adventurers, and thrill-seekers are itching to visit Greece and Crete in the summer of 2021. Finding suitable accommodation in Crete within your budget during the peak season will be a challenge. The best money-saving tip is to visit Crete in the shoulder season, the spring (May to June), and the fall (September to October). 

Touring Greece during the low season offers value for money. For example, you can get discounts of up to 50% on accommodation in Crete. Traveling between ancient sites, beaches, orchards, and other tourist attractions in Greece and its many islands is easy, thanks to interconnected bus routes, ferry systems, and domestic Flights. Food is also reasonably cheaper than most European tourist destinations. To avoid costly surprises, book your Greek holiday through a reliable agency like Sonema

Why choose Sonema for greek bookings ?

Sonema is a holiday booking platform with an extensive network of hosts, experience providers, and transport companies across Greece. You can rely on Sonema to connect you with trusted and vetted hosts and providers. This platform allows you to book accommodations, transportation, and experiences in advance. Sonema offers shuttling services upon request and accommodation that fits all budgets, from $20 for on-budget travelers to $500 for luxury villas. We will take care of all bookings while you focus on indulging in immersive Greek experiences. 




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