How to Travel and Explore Europe Safely this Summer 2021

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The recent health crisis disrupted and transformed our way of life, including our simple pleasures like tourism. For centuries, Europe’s potent mix of culture, landscape, and history has enticed millions from all over the world. From the iconic beaches of Cádiz to the Eiffel Tower, snowy wonderlands of the Alps, and culture-rich cities like Venice, Europe has something for everyone. Then, 2020 happened, forcing Europe to close its doors and deny adventurous souls access to all these thrilling experiences. Weeks turned into months, with no end in sight until now. Ramped-up vaccination across the world provides a glimpse of hope for tourists. The European Union and some member nations are already implementing new strategies to enable the resumption of tourism. 

In April 2021, the EU announced that American tourists can visit member countries. The European Commission proposed a broader reopening plan in May 2021, allowing Spanish, Italian, and Greek beaches to welcome tourists. Cultural hotspots like Paris, Rome, and Berlin will also open their doors for tourists just in time for the summer travel season. “It’s time to revive the EU tourism industry and for cross-border friendships to rekindle — safely,” said Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. 

Traditional tourist destinations like Greece, Cyprus, and Malta are safely reopening their borders for tourists. These EU member countries have already concluded bilateral agreements with Israel to allow Israeli tourists to travel their countries. Estonia and Poland are also safely reopening their borders to tourists. You can expect these and other EU countries to adopt broader plans to allow for the resumption of tourism. While the reopening of borders is good news, you need effective strategies to adapt to the new normal. So, how do you tour and indulge in immersive European experiences with caution? 

Unlike previous years, you’ll need to focus on safety now more than ever before. First, pack for your European tour with safety in mind. Face masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes should be a priority over your bikinis and beachwear. Second, prepare for overcrowding in popular tourist hotspots. If you’re itching to hit the sandy beaches in Greece, you are not alone. After months in lockdowns, millions of adventurous souls are also itching to immerse themselves in Greek mythologies, history, and rich culture. To stay safe, avoid overcrowded sights. If you’re visiting Europe for a month, you can tour less popular sites in your itinerary in the first and second week. Then, visit the most popular destinations in the last two weeks when hyperactive crowds have moved on to other sites. 

Even though we are attaining some sense of normalcy, finding transportation and accommodation will be a challenge. The train is the safest and widely available mode of transportation. Unlike planes, trains are less crowded and ventilated with open windows. It is the best option for connecting domestic tourist sites. You should prepare for scarcity in hotel rooms. The last thing you need is to get stranded in a new city with no accommodation. To avoid last-minute surprises, book everything you’ll need during the tour in advance. You can rely on trusted tourist platforms like Sonema to book holiday accommodations and experiences in Europe this summer. 

At Sonema, we are dedicated to ensuring your European tour is enjoyable, memorable, and safe. Whether you’ll be visiting cultural cities, sandy beaches, historical sites, or museums, Sonema can connect you with hosts and book accommodations. We will do all the heavy lifting to give you more time to indulge in immersive experiences. 



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