From Portugal to Singapore, the longest train journey in the world

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Traveling by train makes your way of traveling romantic, it allows you to fully savor all the stages and details of your journey.

This is possible because traveling slowly gives you the opportunity to see the landscapes change, letting yourself be conquered by the panorama:

at each stop, you can come into direct contact with different places and cultures, which traveling by plane does not make possible.

The train in recent years has become a means of transport re-evaluated by travelers and there are many incredible stops that you can enjoy with a train trip;

unique and unforgettable experiences, fairytale landscapes, a small miracle that takes place on slow tracks.

One step away from heaven, at an altitude of 5,000 meters. Or over the seawater. Passing through tunnels, back, tunnels, slopes of 70 thousand, old bridges suspended on overhangs.



All over the world, there are railways that climb in inaccessible places, offering breathtaking views. From the peaks of Tibet to the Andes, passing through fjords, deserts, tropical forests,

certainly between journeys on rails to do once in a lifetime we can include stops such as :

  • Venice-Simplon Orient Express in Europe,
  • the Glacier Express (Switzerland)
  • Royal Scotsman (Scotland)
  • Grand Canyon Railway (Arizona),
  • Bergen Railway (Norway),
  • The TranzAlpine,
  • New Zealand,
  • Chepe Express to explore the wonders of Mexico,
  • La Transiberiana , a true iron legend that looks East: from Moscow to Vladivostoc

or to as for South Africa, the night Blue Train, departing from Pretoria.

Twenty-seven hours (and 1,600 kilometers)later you arrive in Cape Town, crossing the whole country

or El tren de las nubes in Argentina and Chile called “The Train of the Clouds”, travels hanging from the vertiginous peaks of the Andes.

The longest train journey in the world ever !

Certainly, the longest and most incredible journey in the world is the one that starts from Algarve, arrives in Singapore passing through Paris, Moscow,

Siberia, Mongolia, and China up to Beijing with a single 1,200 euro ticket.

It consists of 18,755 kilometers and 295 meters of the longest train route in the world, that is, almost a complete tour of the world

that takes 21 days onboard a single train to cross the heart of Europe and that of Asia.


We leave from Lagos, the Portuguese town overlooking the Atlantic, and then make a first stop in Lisbon:

here we spend a night in a hotel.


Starting from Madrid, then crossing Paris and Moscow, with a two-night stop, then leaving in the direction of Siberia

and Mongolia and arriving in Beijing, with another two days of rest.

From there the journey continues in Laos, also passing through Bangkok and Beijing and then ending in Singapore.

This rail route initially ended in Vietnam, but thanks to a new high-speed rail link between China and Laos, travellers will be able to reach other destinations.

During this very long journey from Portugal to Singapore, there will be several service changes. Before this solution, however, the journey required numerous (and long) bus rides.

A train full of truly unforgettable emotions and sensations, which offers a unique experience and at the same time the dream of visiting all these great capitals,

fully rewarding travellers from the tiredness of a three-week train journey.



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Would love your thoughts, please comment.x