The best of Venice walking tour

Italy, Venezia

Traditional experience hosted by

09:00 UTC
1 hours, 55 minutes
Upto 30 guests
Hosted in English, French, Italian, Russian

What you'll do?

Perfect for first-time visitors! You will explore the most beautiful and important places in Venice. What is so special about the Castello and Cannaregio districts? Your professional local guide will take you there and share interesting facts. Is it a truth that Venice is partly Balkan? Did the city use to be its own country? What is Venice’s most famous church? You will hear fascinating stories about Venice masks and the festival. What is the relation with Black Death? Did you know that Venice has a little cousin? What is it?'s commitment to safety

This host committed to Sonema COVID-19-related safety and cleaning guidelines—including adhering to social distancing guidelines, practicing good hygiene, and ensuring that all participants wear a mask.