Best Italy Street Food You Must Eat

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Food is what otherwise allows us to have an instant experience with the place we are visiting, especially street food,

the oldest and most traditional food and at the same time doesn’t stop being trendy and is undergoing a revolution

in eating habits, orienting more and more towards good eating habits and a healthy diet.

This has led to the creation of recent dishes with the reinterpretation of traditional Italian cuisine and the creation of peculiar and highly original foods.

This street food itinerary around Italy take away and food truck presents you the most effective and interesting proposals

in the 7 Italian cities that are really worth tasting


Bottega Portici prime quality Italian Past

Authentic Made in Italy and authenticity but doesn’t want to allow up a pinch of innovation. you can buy the first courses in bio-compostable containers suitable for street consumption

walking through the streets of the center. In addition to the traditional Tortellini in broth or with parmesan cream, and the Bolognese Tagliatelle

we suggest a daily proposal such as the Callette speck, zucchini, and cream of milk or the “Tortelli bugiardi” stuffed with ham, pistachio and lemon .


Milan is maybe the town where over the other the planet of street food has wonderfully adapted to the new international influences, filling town with flavors that are sometimes “alien”.

Zibo Itinerant Cooks

Street within the true sense, namely the mobile one.

This van always carries various things around Milan, but if you happen to determine it on the horizon, don’t miss its ravioli: homemade,

with many eggs within the dough, and with rich and loaded fillings that may captivate you.


Speaking about Rome ‘s street food , eating well and spending little, we mention the queen of street food in Rome :

the Roman pizza.

This is the “classic of the classics”: Roman pizza, crunchy on the top and soft on the inside.

La Bianca, seasoned only with oil and salt, or stuffed as you prefer!

You absolutely must try it in one of the simplest pizzerias in Rome:


The baker and pizza chef Gabriele Bonci offers his customers selected ingredients, “simply natural”, and long leavening pizzas,

but in particular he transmits the culture of healthy and tasty eating.


Now widespread also in Milan, Florence and NY, the Trapizzino was born in one of the most famous Roman neighborhoods, Testaccio.

The “trapizzino” could is a sandwich-shaped pizza.


Catania is the home of street food. The Etna capital is known throughout Italy for its good food, specifically it’s street food that conquers all travelers who suffer here.

Not only arancini, spring onions and sicilians but also sandwiches with meatball, fried fish and after all desserts, including fried “raviole” and “iris”.

Here are our favourite places to eat Catania street food.

Arancin i & co

Great food and incredibly cheap! The presence of the many rotisseries, snack bars, sandwich trucks, pastry shops,

fryers and butchers with grills and embers have absolutely conquered us,

definitely far more than traditional restaurants more features you’ll be able to waste Catania:

roast and eat, that is, a barbecue prepared within the street and eaten during a spartan way on outdoor tables,

perhaps with a straightforward salad or a sandwich. The epicenter of this Catania tradition is in via Plebiscito,

where horse meat butchers excel, you’ll be able to choose what you wish best and eat it freshly cooked by an expert grill.

Savia & Spinella

Speaking of arancini and diner, it’s impossible to not mention these two pastry shops, the foremost famous of via Etnea.

Let’s start by saying that their delicacies are to be tried a minimum of once during a lifetime, knowing that they’re definitely refined and engaging but also quite overpriced.

Our advice is to taste the arancino with pistachio and the spinel onions, iris and Savia cannoli.

House of the Crispelle

If you’ve got never tasted the crispelle in Catania you’ll must love at the Casa delle Crispelle!

The frying isn’t the least bit heavy to digest, you’ll taste both salty (with anchovy or ricotta), and sweet (with honey or Nutella). Their rice sfincione is additionally very delicious.

Seafood from Nitto

This fishmonger on the small port of Ognina is that the perfect place to grab a fried fish, enjoy the freshest seafood or have a seafood spaghetti to be enjoyed strictly . Fish market of Catania “A piscaria”
In the historic center of Catania, near the magnificent Amenano fountain, you’ll find the historic outdoor fish market, the city’s historic fish market.

A must for street food enthusiasts is certainly the chance to own lunch in several good restaurants located round the fish market offering grilled fish.


If you’re attending to visit Palermo, these are the culinary specialties you absolutely must taste

Panelle and crocchè bread: There are many fry shops scattered round the city that supply this dish, some kiosks or bars are historic and are providing excellent street food for several years now.

Pizza Sfincione Palermo by Rino Porrovecchio.
The mixture of this specialty is of porous consistency, a bit like a sponge.It is a dough the same as that of pizza and which is seasoned with salted sardines, onion, oil.

Pani ca Mìevusa
Is Bread with spleen . The vastedda, an oversized round bun covered with sesame seeds, welcomes a filling of boiled veal spleen,

to which lung is commonly added, both fried just before the bun is delivered.

It will be served “schettu”, or within the classic version, or “maritatu” with the addition of salted ricotta and / or caciocavallo.

The two most famous and beloved meusari of Palermo are probably Rocky Basile, a peddler who is common position yourself in Piazza Caracciolo

within the Vucciria area, and Nino U ‘Ballerino, whose restaurant is found in Corso C. Finocchiaro Aprile.


The street is deeply rooted within the roots of Naples and therefore the Neapolitan one has been taken everywhere the world!

Consider pizza because the most globalizing food within the world.

Among the simplest Neapolitan street food we mention Fried pizza with cicoli and ricotta Da Fernanda Via Speranzella 180,

Naples and pizza in portfolio Matteo’s Pizzeria Via dei Tribunali 94, Naples, and the “cuoppo”.

A fried cuoppo usually consists of some salted zeppolina, that’s pasta grown with salt; panzarotti (otherwise called crocché) fabricated from potatoes and sometimes enriched with cheese and ham.


The lampredotto

One of the cult places for typically Tuscan street food is Nerbone, located within the Historic Central Market of Florence.

The € 4 lampredotto sandwich is that the reason why this small stand works non-stop, alternatively, you’ll be able to stuff the rosetta with porchetta,

otherwise you can enjoy a decent dish of ribollita or tripe.

First of all, the “Antico Trippaio” by Maurizio Marchetti, located within the heart of the town (via dei Cimatori);

with its eighty years of activity it’s among the oldest ever

Antico Vinaio is one of the best known places in Florence and is located in via de ‘Neri ed

has become a cult of Florentine Street Food, and has also recently opened a branch in Ny.

The proposal is abundant stuffed flatbreads and sandwiches, a must is the flatbread with finocchiona

(typical soft Tuscan salami with fennel inside) which is often a guarantee.

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